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Achieve a Lifetime of Health with Simple Mindful Movements

Discover A Simple & Effective Movement Program to Boost Strength, Stamina & Stability From the Comfort of Your Home

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What You'll Receive When You Download the

Mindful Movement at Home Program Guide


Three key components to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle so you can achieve long-term optimal health and wellness.

Super Health Food

Exclusive access to insider health, fitness and nutrition tips, plus an invitation-only complimentary Mindful Movement Consultation to help you gain clarity and create a plan of action to make your health and fitness a priority.


Simple and effective stretches and exercises designed to increase your mobility, flexibility and strength, while reducing muscle pain and joint stiffness.

Len Glassman

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Len Glassman is a Master Level Personal Trainer and Certified Health Nutritionist dedicated to changing your physical outlook on life through holistic health, optimal wellness and intellectual fitness. He uses a unique blend of personalized programming and expert instruction, to help you move better, feel physically and emotionally empowered and provide deeper meaning, purpose and insight into all aspects of your life.


He is the acclaimed author of Soul Trainer, a fictional-fitness series of short stories that takes readers on an inspirational journey, where fictional characters with troubled lives find fitness as a way to overcome insurmountable obstacles, while challenging readers to gain control over their lives from the outside in. Len believes that in order to get people moving, you must create a movement, something bigger than yourself that people from all walks of life can relate to.

Client Testimonials

Gym Equipments

 As an out of shape 64 year old, I needed a trainer who would plan my workout routine with care. Over the months, Len taught me a lot and guided the progression of workouts carefully, without pushing too hard. Len designed a program that I do at home using simple equipment that has been engaging, interesting and motivating. Over several months my flexibility, strength and balance have improved.


I have been a client for 17 years and in that time I have greatly increased my strength and flexibility as well as eliminated my lower back pain. Len is a knowledgeable and experienced fitness professional who tailors training to specific client needs.

Fitness Equipments

Len helped me tremendously in so many ways - aligning my posture, improving my flexibility, strengthened my core, addressed nagging soft tissue issues and helped increase my range of motion. While exercising he was always talking to me about how I felt to be sure I was getting the desired result. Len also provided useful tips on eating habits and other ways to stay healthy in between our sessions.

The Mindful Movement at Home Program Guide is Your First Step Towards Optimal Wellness

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