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Professional Training Services

One-on-one training programs designed to provide you with personalized guidance, accountability, and maximum results throughout your health and fitness journey.

Explore Len's Specialized Personal Training Programs

Every body is unique and requires a level of understanding and finesse so you experience a fully custom, highly personalized in-person, virtual, or hybrid personal training program featuring holistic-based health, wellness and exercise programming, designed to help you move better, feel physically and emotionally empowered and provide deeper meaning and insight into each stage and aspect of your life.

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"My approach has always been one of learn and apply by providing people with practical tools and resources they can "put into play" on their own, which serves as an important and necessary component to develop and maintain your exercise, weight-loss and healthy lifestyle journey through self-motivation, accountability and on-going support."

Key Components Within Each of My Specialized Personal Training Programs:

1. Harness the power of your body to change your physical outlook on life and improve your endurance, strength and stamina to perform daily living activities.


2. Experience mind-body control, harmony and flow through Mindful Movement stretches, exercises and breathing techniques.


3. Incorporate body weight and functional training techniques using minimal equipment such as resistance bands, med balls, dumbbells and other low-cost accessories. 


4. Learn simple movement patterns, daily stretches and corrective exercises designed to increase your energy and productivity levels, enhance your muscle tone, strength, balance and flexibility, while reducing joint pain and stress.

Premium Virtual Training Programs

Specialty Virtual Training Programs

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