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Health, Fitness & Nutritional Specialty Products

Shop Len’s collection of top health, fitness and nutritional products designed to help you start and ramp up your daily workout and wellness practices.

Fitness Fundamentals Personal Training 2-Set DVD Exercise Program

Fitness Fundamentals is a complete personal training DVD exercise program that allows you to easily create customized, efficient and results-oriented exercise programs that will last you a lifetime.

  • Fitness Fundamentals 2-set DVD allows you to decide which exercises to try and in what order, so it’s never boring!

  • Our unique ‘click and pick’ feature allows you to create hundreds of fully customizable personal training exercise programs that fit your body type, personality and lifestyle. 


  • Want to focus on lower abs? We've got unique exercises for you to feel - perhaps for the first time ever - your lower abdominal muscles working, tightening and feeling flatter.


  • Need an exercise to tone up your arms? There are several never been seen before exercises that you will easily learn to do, without any need for equipment.

  • Just starting out? Fitness Fundamentals offers beginner, intermediate and advanced versions of each exercise so you can safely and gradually increase intensity on your terms.

Fitness Fundamentals DVD Cover -
Fitness Fundamentals Digital Version

Includes a complimentary 30-minute consultation with Len and digital video download!

Fitness Fundamentals DVD Hard Copy

Includes a complimentary 30-minute consultation with Len plus free shipping!

Fitness Fundamentals

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Fitness Equipment

Resistance Tubing
Light Dumbbell Set
Medicine Balls
Resistance Loop Bands
Suspension Training
Stability Balls
Fitness Equipment

Workout Gear

Workout Gloves
Fitness Tracking Watch
Foam Roller
Workout Gear

Health Foods

Fiber Gourmet Pasta
Palmini Low Carb Rice
Keto Pancake Mix
Health Foods
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