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Fitness Fundamentals is a complete personal training video exercise program that allows you to easily create customized, efficient and results-oriented exercise programs that will last you a lifetime.


Fitness Fundamentals video download allows you to decide which exercises to try and in what order, so it’s never boring!


• Our unique ‘click and pick’ feature allows you to create hundreds of fully customizable personal training exercise programs that fit your body type, personality and lifestyle. 


• Want to focus on lower abs? We've got unique exercises for you to feel - perhaps for the first time ever - your lower abdominal muscles working, tightening and feeling flatter.


• Need an exercise to tone up your arms? There are several 'never been seen before' exercises that you will easily learn to do, without any need for equipment.  


• Just starting out? Fitness Fundamentals offers beginner, intermediate and advanced versions of each exercise so you can safely and gradually increase intensity on your terms.


Purchase gives you access to a complimentary 30-minute Mindful Movement Consultation with Len.

Fitness Fundamentals Personal Training Exercise Program - Digital Download

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